Frequently Asked Questions

Solutions to Common Pool Problems

One or more of the pool problems listed on this page may belong to you. This is because they are the usual issues that Pool Problems? encounters day in and day out during our work.

Should you experience any of these, email us at poolproblem@gmail.com or call us at (760) 409-3763. We are well-versed in various pool problems, and we look forward to serving you.

Algae Problems:
  • I have black algae in my pool.
  • I have dark green algae in my pool.
  • I have brown algae in my pool.
Pool Pump and Motor Problems:
  • Pump and motor make a large screeching sound like a jet.
  • Pump and motor won't turn on.
Pool Filter Problems:
  • The water in my pool is cloudy and dirty.
  • The filter is leaking.
  • The pressure gauge on my filter is reading really high.
Pool Heater Problems:
  • My pool heater will not turn on.
  • I want to heat only the spa.
Interior Pool Problems:
  • My pool tiles are falling off.
  • My pool tiles are dirty and have a white film all over them.
  • My tiles have white mineral buildup on them.
  • My pool bottom feels rough and cuts my feet when I walk on it.
  • I have natural stone instead of waterline tile, and it needs cleaning.
  • I have natural stone instead of waterline tile, and it is chipping.
  • My builder brought the pebble surface out of the water instead of using tile, and it is now cracking and breaking up. We need to fix it and put in tile for the waterline area.
  • There is a crack in my pebble/plaster, and we need it patched.
  • When in the pool, I see cracks and gaps in the seal above the tile and under the deck.
Leaking Problems:
  • My pool filter is leaking.
  • My pool is losing a lot of water.
  • My pool autofill is leaking.
  • I have a pool leak.
  • My skimmer unit is leaking.
  • My equipment surges and stops.
  • I have air bubbles in the pool when the equipment turns on.
  • When my equipment turns off, the spa drains down into the pool.
  • I can't turn off just the pool or spa to use just one of them.
Pool Remote Control Systems:
  • I would like a remote control system for my pool.
  • I want to be able to turn the heater on for the spa from inside the house when we are having dinner so it will be warm to use after dinner.
  • I would like to be able to turn the pool lights on and off from inside the house.
  • I want to control all my equipment using my hand, whether we are in the house or on my lounge chair by the pool.
Saltwater Pool Systems:
  • My salt system is not working.
  • I want to change my pool to a saltwater pool.
  • I don't want green hair anymore, and I don't want a bleached dry skin.
Solar Pool Systems:
  • I want to add a solar system to my pool.
  • I don't know how a solar system would help me or how it works.
Pool/Deck Problems:
  • I want to resurface my pool with white plaster.
  • I want to resurface my pool with pebbles.
  • I want to resurface my deck with Kool Deck.
  • I am tired of burning my feet on the pool deck.
  • I want my pool deck to look nicer.
  • When I am in the pool, I see cracks and gaps in the seal above the tile and under the deck.
  • The seal between the pool tile and deck is cracked.
  • The bottom of the pool is cutting my feet.
  • I don't know how to set my valves.
  • I don't know how to operate my equipment.
  • My light will not turn on.
  • There is water in the pool light.
  • My pool sweep will not work.
  • My spa jets will not work.