Pool Equipment Repair

Excellent Spa and Pool Repair Services in Desert Cities

Just like any large appliance in your home or office, your pool equipment is designed to continuously serve you for a long period of time. However, even the best equipment will eventually break down. Fortunately, when your item needs a repair, Pool Problems? is here to fix or replace anything that breaks or goes bad with your pool equipment.

We pride ourselves on offering the highest efficiency pool and spa equipment that is currently offered on the market. When we recommend a manufacturer, we base it on quietness, reliability, amount of service required, and energy efficiency.

Count on us for the repair and maintenance of your pool and spa. Our mobile service covers the following areas:

  • Bermuda Dunes
  • Cathedral City
  • Indian Wells
  • Indio
  • La Quinta
  • Palm Desert
  • Palm Springs
  • Rancho Mirage

Our Services Include

Pool Heaters
(Replacement and Repair):

We offer the highest-rated residential pool gas heaters, registering at 84% efficiency. This efficiency level helps produce the maximum heating at the lowest possible cost. It has an electronic ignition, so you never have to worry about the pilot light blowing out or leaking gas.

Pump and Motor
(Installation and Repair):

We offer horsepower (HP) and speed options with the best efficiency and warranty in the pool industry. It is whisper-quiet, and it costs less to operate with oversized strainer basket and a see-through lid. Also, it is engineered to provide optimum performance in any pool or spa size.

Pool and Spa Filter Systems
(Installation and Repair):

We offer the highest-rated efficiency filters on the market today. They are designed to work with high-efficiency pumps and motors to deliver a sparkling clean pool and spa at the lowest possible cost. These systems are so easy to maintain that some customers can service the filters themselves.

Pool and Spa Light
(Installation and Repair):

From a simple replacement of a light bulb or gasket to the installation of a completely new light fixture, we have you covered. We can also fix or connect a wiring from the light junction box to the pool and GFI. Your safety is our primary concern in this area of repair, so we are very careful to ensure that we perform each task properly. We also offer LED and color light options.

Remote Control Systems:

The power and flexibility of a wireless control system are now in the palm of your hand. This features a complete backyard control of your lighting, water features, cleaning and sanitizing, as well as programming of the heating times and other temperatures. ​We also offer a smartphone app, so you can easily adjust your pool equipment’s settings from anywhere that has a wireless service available.​

Miscellaneous Repairs

The All-Weather Intellimatic Time Clocks:

This time clock eliminates the need to remember to turn off the pool and spa equipment, including the saltwater system. This is because it allows you to set the on/off time of operation for your equipment.

Pool and Spa Autofill Systems:

This sets and maintains the water height in the pool and spa. When you have an autofill unit, you don't have to worry about the water getting too low. If the water level is below the skimmer opening, it means that your equipment is running dry, causing it to heat up and become damaged.

Pool and Spa Remote Autofill Systems:

Some pools were built without autofill systems. A remote autofill unit makes installation possible without having to demolish the pool deck or pool seawall. Also, it will keep your pool water at the desired level for safe equipment operation. The ability to do this depends on your individual system setup.

Jandy Valve and Check Valve Replacement:

Jandy Valves control the flow of water so that you can isolate the spa from the pool when you choose to heat the spa only. Meanwhile, check valves are used when the spa is higher than the pool. They prevent the water in the spa from returning to the pool when the equipment is turned off. This way, the water stays in the spa and doesn't drain out even when not in use.

Pool Skimmer Repairs:

Cracks in the pool skimmer are the #1 cause of the pool losing water. Contact us for a reliable and timely repair.

Pool/Spa Tile and Natural Stone Cleaning, Sealing, Repair, and Replacement:

Tile cleaning is performed by utilizing high-pressure bead peening to strip, clean, and polish the pool/spa tiles. A commercial tile sealer is used after cleaning to seal the tile and grout, protecting it from a new buildup of minerals on the tile surface. Tile cleaning should be done every two to three years depending on the mineral content of water in your area.
To clean the stone without stripping its color, natural stone cleaning is performed using high-pressure silica sand. A penetrating rock and stone sealer is used after cleaning.

Acid Washes and Chlorine Washes:

Acid washing cleans the plaster or pebble surfaces from organic stains, such as sand and leaves that settle to the bottom of the pool. Meanwhile, chlorine washing makes the pool free of algae (yellow, brown, and black) and helps prevent bacterial stains.

Request an Estimate

Improve the longevity of your pool by repairing or replacing its equipment today. Our team can service all major brands, including Pentair, and we can provide you with written labor guarantees and factory warranties. We can also assist you in working within your HOA requirements. To receive an estimate at no cost, reach out to Doug at (760) 409-3763.