Remodel and Renovation Pool and Decks

Spa, Deck, and Pool Renovation

Turn to Pool Problems? if you want your spa, deck, or pool to look as good as new. We offer a wide variety of services that can bring your property back to its former glory. Our team can service all major brands, such as Pentair, and we can fix the cracks in and discoloration of your pool tiles, among others. We serve home and business owners in the following areas in California:

  • Bermuda Dunes
  • Cathedral City
  • Indian Wells
  • Indio
  • La Quinta
  • Palm Desert
  • Palm Springs
  • Rancho Mirage

Pool Pebble and White Plaster Resurfacing

Pool resurfacing is a great way to eliminate your pool’s signs of aging, and you can use different materials for it. When you work with us, our team can provide you with white plaster or pebble resurfacing options. Our white plaster comes with a written five-year warranty. If you decide to get the pebble option, it will have a 10-year warranty, and you will have many colors to choose from.

Plaster and Pebble Patch and Repair

Stop any further damage caused by cracks by performing pool plaster or pebble patch/repair. We are knowledgeable about the proper ways to effectively seal any area of your swimming pool.

Note: Please remember that plaster and pebble are products that need to be kept completely underwater following installation to prevent it from cracking and crumbling. That is why waterline tile is used both for cosmetic purposes and for structural reasons. It provides an air/water barrier for the plaster and pebble. 


Removal of Waterline Pebble and
Tile Installation

There was a trend of clients not wanting to use tiles. Instead, they wanted to have the pebble brought out of the water, causing it to crack and crumble. To fix the problem, our team would remove the pebble around the surface of the pool and install a waterline tile.

Kool Deck Installation and Deck Resurfacing

Our team offers concrete deck pouring, repairing, and resurfacing services. We have the new standard design, tile design, and flagstone design, which give our clients more options to choose from. Kool decks are famous for preventing your feet from burning due to hot pavement. At the same time, they offer an aesthetically pleasing finish to your pool and deck.

Our Rates

The rates of our services would depend on different factors such as the kind of equipment to be repaired, the gravity of damage, and the material to be used. If you would like to learn about our written labor guarantees and factory warranties, or if you want to request a free estimate, contact Doug at (760) 409-3763. We can also help you with your homeowners' association requirements when needed.